Banknotes may spread Coronavirus – WHO Warns

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The world health organization has warned that banknotes may be capable of spreading the deadly coronavirus advising that it is better to start applying contactless transactions.

Also, the organization warned that where contactless transactions are not possible, sanitizers may be provided to wash the hands before handling cash.

The spokesman of the health organization, Tarik Jasarevic while speaking on Monday night stated thus:

“The Bank of England also recognised that banknotes “can carry bacteria or viruses” and encouraged frequent hand washing.

“Last month banks in China and Korea began disinfecting and isolating used banknotes as part of efforts to stem the spread of the deadly virus”, he said

Ultraviolet light or high temperature is being used to disinfect and sterilise banknotes, before the cash is sealed and stored for up to 14 days before being recirculated, China’s central bank said at a press conference.

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