Nollywood Movies bound Men in bondages of Sins, immorality. – Mike Bamiloye

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Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Films and Ministries has shared via his Instagram page that Nollywood movies bind people to sin, immoralities and violence, stating that as a drama minister, they are not Nollywood artists and as such Nollywood artistes add no value to Gospel Movie productions.

His words:

-(Mike Bamiloye)
Listen to Me, People.
Read my Note and Read my Lips,
The Glory of the Lord is moving Already in Gospel Movie Productions.
There is no value the Nollywood Artistes are coming to add to the Gospel Movie productions.
Souls are getting saved and Lives are getting touched.
And the Church is getting Edified.
People are getting happier with the result of Gospel Movie Productions.
And we are satisfied with these Testimonies.
Our Influence have gone far beyond the shores of Nigeria and
All over Europe and America, the people know the difference
Between the Gospel movies and the Nollywood movies.
Gospel Movies Heal and Deliver from the powers of darkness.
Nollywood Movies Entertains and Entangles with webs of human Philosophies and Ungodly principles.
Gospel Movies set men Free from the bondage of the Devil, by the Power of the Holy Ghost.
But Nollywood Movies bound men in bondages of Sins, immorality and Violence.
Therefore, there is no Values the Nollywood Artistes can add to the Gospel Movie productions.
Would their Presence in a Gospel Movie increase the Anointing of God upon the Production?
It would only confuse the viewers and audience, not knowing on which side we are now standing.
We may use their Crew, but we cannot use their Persons.
Afterall, anyone may construct the Altar of Worship,
but not anyone could Minister thereon.
We admit there are Christians amidst them.
Among them are Believers in Jesus Christ and even Church Workers.
But the Souls we are pursuing to catch, edify and disciple
For the Lord Jesus,
Have known them all as people who make movies to lure them away from God.
They have been known and tagged as Nollywood Artistes who make a particular type of Movies they are searching Godly alternatives for.
We are after Souls of Men unto Salvation.
They are after Fame of Men and Riches therein.
We do not hate the Nollywood Artistes.
We love them so dearly.
A lot of wonderful men and women
Amidst them, who are just doing their professions and Careers.
We do not hate them, and whoever hate the Secular Artistes
Is not a Child of God.”

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