Covid-19: I am ready to appease the gods through rituals – Ogboni leader

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The head of Ogboni worldwide, Oba Olakisan Adetoyese on Saturday revealed that the gods have to be appeased in order to eliminate the coronavirus Pandemic from the country which he is ready to do.
In a statement he signed, Oba Adetoyese urged the federal government to try traditional and spiritual means in its bid to tackle the menace.

The statement reads, “The disease is not an ordinary one and it demands spiritual solution to send it packing. Several terrible epidemics in the past had always been tackled through spiritual means even when there was no medical or scientific know-how.

“I offered to embark on spiritual activities to curb the disease in the country and I will meet with some selected Governors in the South West on ways to avert the spread of the disease.

“Also, I am ready to appease the gods through rituals in some selected cities within the South West region as a means of solving the epidemic.”

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