Covid -19: Feed Nigerians or they will return to the Streets – Arewa Youths tell Buhari

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The Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF has charged the government to provide food and sanitary items such as hand sanitizers and face masks to its citizens if they want the stay-at- home order to be adhered to.

The AYCF President-General said: “What are the proactive measures? If the government can’t give incentives to Nigerians, at least they should be able to produce some of those sanitary things like sanitizers, masks and so on and share from house-to-house.

“They should also share this their local rice which they have been using as propaganda, give each house one bag to show concern. How many are we in this country that they can’t afford to give each family a bag or two bags of rice?

“So where lies the hope of the common man? What has the government done to help the common people.

“Be rest assured that if Nigerians stay at home for a few days and can’t feed themselves well, they would undermine the effect of Coronavirus and return to the street because they can’t stand it. People will prefer to come out and die on the street while looking for their livelihood than stay indoors.

“So no matter how the government thinks it’s going to restrict movement, it will be so impossible in this country because people are already suffering and dying of hunger.”

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