Coronavirus: IPOB donates N50m to Biafra Citizens

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The leader of the indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has announced a donation of N50 million to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Biafra land. He made this announcement on Friday in an audio broadcast made available to the Nation.
“We never knew that the virus is coming, we have commitments all over the world, we are committing initial N50 million to make sure we educate and prepare our people for what is to come.”
He also added that N300 million would be budgeted to fight the disease, adding that the initial N50 million that would be available will be used to also pay the nurses and doctors that would be hired to do the work.
“We will establish one hospital in every state of Biafra including Edo State. We are going to open food store for the people. If you are to confine the people at home, you must make sure they don’t die of hunger. We are even going to feed those who are not IPOB members. This is what advanced countries are doing for their people,”
“I am worried for Africa and humanity but my primary concern is for the people of Biafra. We do not have the hospitals that can sustain the pandemic. The outbreak of the disease has put Nigeria to shame. All these years of looting, telling people lies of building hospitals has exposed the government insincerity.”

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