Depressed Woman rescued from committing suicide in Osun River.

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A seemingly depressed middle aged woman known as Kafayat Alake has been rescued from jumping into the Osun river in an attempt to commit suicide.

According to the person who rescued her, David Johnson;

“The whole incident happened so fast that we could not stop her. However, when she jumped, people called for help, prompting me to dive in and rescue her, he said

“We were somewhere around that place when the woman’s body dropped from the bridge. At first, we thought she was either pushed or fell over by mistake. While others were calling for help, I had to jump into the river and rescue her.”

After her rescue, when asked her reason for wanting to commit suicide, Alake said she hails from Alapaaro, Isale Osun, Osogbo, saying she has three children and could not be able to cater for them due to financial challenges.
“I have three children and I couldn’t cater for them due to my financial predicament. My husband stays in Lagos. We have separated about 13 years ago.”

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