“The Government will continue to use us till we get it right” – Pastor Giwa

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The presiding pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa says if the citizens fail to get it right as a people, the Government will continue to take advantage of them.

This comes as a result of the numerous complains following the lock down order in the country. According to Giwa, Nigerians should quit complaining but take whatever comes to them since they brought it upon themselves as they have not developed the conscience to stop collecting money from politicians during election periods.

He also added that the outbreak of Coronavirus has made us realize that we have a failed health system and even the most conscienceless of the politicians will still use the era of the virus as an opportunity to steal.

He said this in a statement signed by him and made available to news men.

He said, “God cannot come down to solve these problems for us. It is clearer now that Nigeria is sick, and we are sick as a people. If we fail to get it right, the politicians will continue to use the advantage of our weakness as strength.

“We must stop collecting peanuts from them during elections. The money you are collecting from them to sell your vote will be your dividend income for four years or so. The reason why they have refused to fix Nigeria is because they want to keep bullying people. When they come with N5,000, we quickly sell our votes to them.

“When are we going to progress as a nation when all we know is to keep selling out votes to politicians and use poverty for cover up? Why don’t you remain poor and stand up for what you believe in? All of us can now agree that Nigeria is not a good place to live.

“Why are they not running to the United Kingdom or United States for treatment? I hope they learn from what is currently happening in Nigeria. Our health care system is failing; nothing functions in Nigeria except corruption.

“We only read on the pages of newspapers that they are sharing N20,000 each to Nigerians. The money they released is now being shared among themselves. This is the most corrupt and 419 government since 1999.

“To hell with whoever that sold this party to Nigerians. The most conscienceless party and politicians I have never seen before. They don’t care about our feelings; all they do is to sit at round tables and share the money that belongs to you and I.

“The outbreak of Coronavirus is another opportunity for them to steal our money. Where is their conscience?. They have sold their conscience to the devil because of selfishness, greed and apathy.”

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