I want to fall in Love again but with a Korean – Kunle Afolayan

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Nigerian Movie Producer and actor, Kunle Afolayan says he wants fall in love again but this time with a Korean.

Sharing a scene to a Korean movie, he added the caption:


But with a Korean 😬
I am a filmmaker and a dedicated one for that matter. I have worked with exceptional talented actors and actresses in the past and we have quite number of them in Nigeria.
I have been really stuck with Korean series during this isolation period and I have learned and discovered so many things.
The honest truth is, We really need more creative and deep writers in Nigeria and this is not to disrespect or talk down on the amazing ones we presently have.
Let’s look at it from this point. I know and understand the tricks in the make-believe world yet, I cried and cried, smiled, laugh out loud, giggle, rolled on the floor in between just one series. Apart from the damn production value which include great sound, amazing picture quality, nice convincing sets and locations.”

I want to fall in Love again but with a Korean - Kunle Afolayan 4

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