I felt sorry for my Husband when our Pastor told us not to have Sex before Marriage – Stella Damascus

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Veteran Actress, Stella Damascus has shared how she and her husband, Daniel Ademinokan were told by their pastor not to engage in any sexual activity before their marriage.

She spoke about this during an insta-live video session with a couple adding that it was a very difficult period for her and her husband.
According to her, the period of courtship should rather be used to properly lay the foundation for an everlasting love instead of lovemaking.

She said, “Dating this person to a lot of people means sex and immediately after that, marriage. They skip the actual dating and skip courtship. The courtship period is where that foundation should be built properly, where you are getting to know each other because you want to have a forever with that person.”

“That period for us was very tough. I felt so sorry for this man because we were told specifically by our pastor at that time that under no circumstance must we have any physical interaction, So, the man lamented and said how can I have a babe like this, and I can’t touch, I can’t look.” She added.

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