If getting married and taking a leave from Nollywood makes me a failure, its an honor – Georgina Onuoha

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Veteran Actress, Georgina Onuoha has taken to social media to call out those who consider her a failure for leaving the big screen.

Sharing a throwback video of a movie she starred in on her Instagram handle, she added that after a successful career in Nollywood with over a 100 movies, numerous awards, modeling career, TV commercials and brand ambassadorships for so many products and deciding to take a leave to raise a family and acquire a higher education only to be called a failure she would consider it a badge of honor.

She wrote:

When women were girls. We gave it our all.

”If you know them tag them. I can’t believe this is 17 years ago or thereabout. We gave it our all. Months in the forest, endless rehearsals, sprints and marathons, 100 meters senior girls race😂, caves, valleys, rivers, forest and high hills. All done for the love of art. We all can look back today and be thankful for the journey and opportunities this movie afforded many of us. .

”Awards were won, nominations came in from home and abroad and all over Africa.
It took me 6 months to recover from my sprained ankle filming, yes if you remember me limping it was real for real and not acting. As they say, the show must go on.
Skin rashes and conditions that took me months to heal from.
It was worth it all. .

”So next time when I hear a no do well refer to me as a failure because I took a sabbatical, I just giggle 🤭 and smile knowing that he or she is a child or was probably in primary school or couldn’t afford a videoclub membership of yesteryears.
”If getting married and taking a leave to raise a family and pursue higher education and other career paths makes me a failure in Nollywood after almost 100 movies, numerous awards, modeling career, TV commercials and brand ambassadors for so many products, please sign me up. I will consider that insult a badge of honor. I will applaud myself then as the biggest and best loser of all time 😂. .

”So let me reintroduce myself again to the new comers on my page and space.
I am Georgina Onuoha
Nigerian Actor
Actors Class from the 90s
Turned Healthcare worker, business owner, mom and a scholar.
Nice to meet you and welcome to my page.
I am not a slay Queen and don’t claim to be one.
I am not an Instagram made socialite

”On my page we have intellectual conversations/discussions ranging from politics to lifestyle.We will disagree to agree.
We will call out injustice and celebrate those impacting our society positively.
And we will empower ourselves to be best and uplift each other.
I am looking forward to connecting with you.
Welcome on board 🙏🏻👏🏻❤️”

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