The earlier they open the Church the quicker the Pandemic will vanish – Pastor Giwa advices

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The senior pastor of Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has advised that the earlier churches are opened the quicker the pandemic will vanish.

He shared this in a statement on Thursday adding that peoples faith have been sold for money after everything God has done for them. He further questioned if true Christians will allow the church of God to be closed.

It’s a pity that people cannot see beyond their nose. The earlier they reopen the churches the quicker the pandemic will vanish. Why are you killing the people you cannot create? The devil has taken over the people, and they don’t believe in the house of God anymore, he said

“The majority of people who support the closure of God’s house claim to be Christians. I am sure no true Christian will support the closure of the church. We are now living in a society where people don’t know the God they serve. They believe in scientists more than the God who created us.

“No wonder Jesus Christ asked in the book of Luke 18:8 that when the Son of Man comes, would he find faith on the earth?. He also said in Matthew 20:16 that the first would be last while the last would be first; for many be called but few chosen.

“Those that the people see today as foremost religious leaders are disappointing their members by what they say. In these trying times, a true man of God would stand by the WORD OF GOD in Matthew 10:26 that tells us to only fear God, not man.

“Why are people trading their faith for money after everything God has done for us? Is this how we repay Him,”.?

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