Almajiri: “Islam opposes the idea of leaving a City under Plague” – MURIC tells Northern Governors

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The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC has condemned the expulsion of Almajiris from their resident states to their supposed state of origin.

Reacting via a statement, Professor Ishaq Akintola, Director of MURIC stated that the governors were not obeying the teachings of prophet Muhammad who opposed the idea of leaving or entering a city under plague.

He further added that Nigeria would have been better if the nation adhered to Islamic teachings.

“It is clear that the concerned Northern States appeared to have acted without consulting Islamic scholars who are at their beck and call. Islam opposes the idea of leaving a city under plague attack. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) warned that, ‘If a plague breaks out in a city and you are living there, do not leave it. And if you are about to enter a city and there is a plague there, do not enter there’

“The reported expulsions and arrangement of caravan-like trips for the expulsion of almajiris from some Northern states is therefore ill-advised and badly timed. The exercise is already being abused as some of the almajiris are allegedly escaping southwards. Worse still is the fact that some of them have already tested positive for COVID-19.

“Nigeria would have fared better if we had strictly followed the Islamic teaching on remaining in one place during a plague. Even the world would have been safer today but the phobia for anything Islamic did not allow world powers to take advantage of the wisdom in Islamdom for managing pandemics.

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