Pastors and Imams should be given special palliatives and not abandoned – MURIC

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The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, on Wednesday advised the government to quickly devise means of getting special palliative to clerics in churches and mosques saying that they should not be abandoned in their time of need.

This was according to a statement by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola where he stated that this will help to curtail the agitations for early reopening of churches and mosques for normal worship sessions.

He further called on the wealthy, reminding them that when they needed prayers they approached their various clerics adding that now is the time for these clerics to be remembered in return.

“The Friday and Sunday assemblies provide regular and veritable sources of moral, spiritual and material supply. The occasional gatherings for marriage, naming and house-warming ceremonies come with sumptuous gifts in cash and material. But the ban on assemblies of more than twenty has put an effective stop on these occasions. Worse still, the cheerful givers now go about with frowns on their faces courtesy of the general economic downturn. The tap from which naira flows into the house of God is dry, he said

“The impact of the economic nosedive on Imams and pastors cannot be overemphasized particularly for a country whose proletariat is overworked, underpaid and overtaxed. The grim realities of the Nigerian economy call for government’s attention particularly as they affect keepers of the house of God.

“MURIC therefore advises the various state governments to speedily devise means of getting special palliatives to the clerics in the churches and mosques. They deserve attention at this crucial moment because they have nowhere to go. They should not be turned to beggars. They have served the government at various times. They should not be abandoned in their hour of need. Besides, members of their families deserve decent lives as Section 33 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria stipulates the right to life for every citizen while Section 34 confers the right to the dignity of the human person.
“We have a word or two for wealthy Nigerians and those who have the wherewithal. You should remember your Imam and pastor at these trying moments. Your Imam or pastor was there for you when you needed prayers. He was there for your children’s wedding and naming ceremonies. He brought succour when you were troubled. He also buried your dead relations. To whom much is given, much is also expected. Your pastor must not suffer. Your Imam must not beg for food. Remember your Imam and pastor today, he added.

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