NANS urges Buhari to appoint more Youths in Government

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The National association for Nigerian students have called on president Muhammedu Buhari to appoint more youths in government and reduce his likeness for appointing old people.

This was according to a statement by the National Public Relations Officer of the student union, Azeez Adeyemi where he stated the appointment of Gambari could be described as a round peg in a round hole.

He further insisted that there are many capable and intelligent youths who should be given a chance.

“President Buhari has continued to push the youth away by not considering them worthy of appointments. This attitude towards the youth by President Buhari is a major source of worry to all Nigerians, he said

“President Buhari can get good hands from the pool of intelligent, outstanding and successful Nigerian youths both within and outside the country.

“Many Nigerian youths have proved themselves extraordinary through their outstanding performances in various chosen careers. These youths both within and outside the country are contributing in no small measure to the development of Nigeria.”

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