Vera Omozuwa: Atiku calls for review of Rape Laws

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Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar has called for a review in the country’s rape law.

Atiku reacting to the rape and murder of Vera Omozuwa in a tweet via his twitter handle expressed condolence to her family whilst calling for a review on rape laws so that Justice is served accordingly without any escape route.

He wrote:

“I just spoke to the family of the late Uwa Omozuwa. I expressed my deepest condolences over her rape and murder. I feel their anguish. Sadly, rape is now a pandemic in our country.

“It is time we reviewed the laws on rape to ensure that there are no escape routes in the investigation, prosecution, conviction and adequate punishment for this heinous crime.”

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  1. Yes, we need to review the laws as this virus called RAPE IS PLAGUING OUR LANDS AND TAKING VICTIMS WITH IT
    Moreso, we need to interceed for this nation in all our dealings too as most people do tjeseraoe for rituals too

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