Gambari will not make any difference, he was an Abacha Man – Soyinka reveals

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Nobel Laureate, Woke Soyinka has made some revelations about President Muhammadu Buhari’s new chief of staff, Ibrahim Gambari.

According to an interview with Plus TV Africa, Soyinka shared that Gambari was part of Abacha’s circle and will make no difference.
“I know Gambari, he’s part of the structure. Gambari was an Abacha man which means that he has the Abacha status quo mentality. Let’s put it that way. Gambari is not going to make any difference here, he is just going to make sure that he’s looking after his portfolio over there. So why are we looking in that direction for salvation in this country?
“I didn’t want to join in that debate because I want him to enjoy his stay. But I know Gambari very, very well,” Soyinka said.


  1. Oga Prof you are losing touch with naked realities. What do u expect from Gambari. He is not answeralble to you and i. He was not democratically elected but selecte to serve Buhari. So what do u expect from him, expect if u are telling us what we dont know about this government. For the benefit of the unknown Gambari is there to do the bidding of his new boss in Aisha Buhari, otherwise, how can one explain the recent demand of over $5 billion loan. For what i dont know. Recall that late proxy president Abba Kyari applied for over $27 billion loan which has gotten the approval of National Assembly. The fact that this government seek loan with impunity points to what u (Prof.) pointed out earlier that Buhari is not in charge. So in other to get a share of the loot, every proxy president that come along as CoS seek loan to line his pocket. Afterall Buhari who is rumoured dead and according you not in charge will be held accountable. But Prof if i may ask, can u hold a man that is not incharge accountable or one that is dead. Think about it Prof

  2. Our political system is like a chain consisting of similar traits from time to time
    If we will progress as a nation, we have to break this chain and reorientate our minds to choose what’s best for us lest we keep suffering

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