Madagascar’s education minister fired for attempted embezzlement over her plans to buy $2.2million sweets for school children

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Madagascar’s education minister has been fired for attempted embezzlement over plans to order more than $2.2m worth of sweets for schoolchildren.

Rijasoa Andriamanana had explained that pupils would be given three lollipops each to take after they drink the “bitter” COVID-Organics concoction. She said it will help mask the “bitter” aftertaste of the herbal remedy for Coronavirus.


Sadly for her, the plan was halted after Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina kicked against it and accused her of planning to embezzle funds in her ministry.

A statement announcing the minister’s dismissal also confirmed her counterpart in the higher education ministry, Elia Béatrice as the acting Minister of Education.


  1. This is likened to robbing Peter to pay Paul. Its wrong to steal to do good. Schools has their feeding system and where one is none existance, u can diplomatically press for it, instead of stealing to give out. Sweet is not an essential nutrient for child growth, therefore embezzling fund to provide it to school children is criminal act

  2. Why is this embezzlement all over everywhere? Is like building the house of God with stealing money. Ordinary sweet for $2.2m why not buy instructional materials or other learning materials that is useful for them. That’s inhumane.

  3. Smart woman but your smartness was made of clear lies….When will Africa have leaders with integrity🤔🤔

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