There is a calculated attempt to set the North against the South – Shettima Yerima

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President of the Arewa Youth Consultative Council (AYCF), Shettima Yerima has alleged that some warmongers are planning to set the North against the South.

This was according to a statement he shared on Saturday threatening to drag the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to court as he alleged that they were spreading lies that Northerners were planning to attack Igbos despite his rebuttal.
“They claimed I threaten South-East Governors over Almajiri. This is false. They claim I threaten Yoruba people. This is not true. There is a calculated attempt to set the North against the South by some warmongers. I’m quite sure they will not succeed”.

He further described those fanning the embers of hatred and violence as “agents of darkness”.

Shetimma urged Nigerians to join hands move the country to a greater level of honour and prosperity.


  1. The guilty are afraid. If IPOB make state which you refuted, why the noise over inciting north against South. The problem of almajiri is with the north. Let them deal with it. I read one cleric saying that nobody can stop almajiri. Good for them but please keep ur almajiri with u. Dont infect the East with ur poverty and begging culture

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