God will never forgive me if I risk the life of my people – Obaseki

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Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki says God will not forgive him if he risks the life of his people because of Politics.
Obaseki stated this while speaking on Sunday Politics aired on Channels Television as he added that the crisis in Edo state is not threatening his chances of winning the gubernatorial election.
“God will never forgive me if I risk the lives of my people because of politics. We should not risk the lives of the people because of politics, he said

“The crisis in the APC is not threatening my chances if Edo people are allowed to express themselves; vote for their choice candidate


  1. Risk the life of your people as how (direct primary) is it all Edo people will be there? Just orientate those that will be participating to observe social distancing or physical distancing and other lay down protocols from NCDC and strength your security forces.

  2. I dont know much about ur achievement in Edo state that endears u to Edo people. The war between u and Oshiomole is a well deserved one for Oshiomole is taking more than is required of him. He want to make himself a demigod to be feared in Edo and indeed in all Apc state. I am not into politics but i hate Apc with passion due to their patonical lies. They came with change slogan and plunged the country into a deep mess. And as long as u are Apc, u are part of the problem. Look at the security situation in ur state where rape has taken the center state. Fulani herdsmen are dealing with ur state and u are not doing much to curtail it. Ur concern is on securing 2nd term. How could u do that when the man that have final say in ur party is ur enemy.

  3. Please we need a change in our politics … It’s not a do or die affair. Let’s stop putting the lives of the poor masses at risk…thank you governor

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