My father will be aspiring for the number one position in the land – Atiku’s Son

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One of Atiku’s sons has shared that his father will be running for presidency come 2023.

He stated this while presenting the one-year score card of his ministry as the Commissioner for Works and Energy in Adamawa State.

“Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with my father contesting for the presidency.

“In 2023, my father will be aspiring to the number one office in the land because he has been an astute, strategic, master politician for almost four decades,” he said.


  1. That’s your opinion, we can’t do anything about it everybody is entitle to his/her own opinion. But the fact that I know certainly is that you are not the only one to decide for us (Nigerians). Therefore we have young and vibrant people in Nigeria that can pilot the affairs of the country. You better advise you father to sit back and eat what he has worked for.

  2. Your father cannot win presidential election without the support of the Igbos. We voted massively for him in the last general election and are ready to vote for him again if only he choose an Igboman as his vice. We wont continue to be spectators in an event we ought to be participants

  3. We want the younger generation to strive for presidential position. We are tired of this tribalistic and bias and old system of government. Atiku should rest and our old leaders too
    Let’s make Nigeria a better place for all

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