“We have given Herdsmen two weeks to vacate our bushes and forests” – Ohanaeze Youth

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The youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has announced a two week ultimatum to herdsmen in the east to vacate the bushes and forests or face being ejected by force.

This was according to a statement by the National leader of Ohanaeze youths, Arthur Obiorah during a press conference in Enugu on Tuesday June 9.
“We have suffered enough in the hands of these killer herdsmen who maraud our area; maim and kill our people recklessly. They rape and defile our wives and daughters. So, we can’t bear it any longer. Anyone who wants to live in Igboland is free to do so but must not live in our bushes. That’s why we have given them two weeks to vacate the bushes and forests,” he stated.


  1. The atrocities of these herdsmen can not be over emphasized day-in day-out and securities are not helping the issues because they’ve not brought anyone found guilty to book. Therefore, any citizens of the state will find any means to secure her citizenry.

  2. Empty threats. This Ohaneze Youth are toothless bulldog. What security outfit did they form to chase them out.

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