Boko Haram is now an Industry – Ahmad Lawan

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Senate President, Ahmad Lawan says the Boko Haram sect are no longer a group of religious zealots but an industry.

He said this during a plenary session on Thursday adding that he came to the conclusion after taking a critical look at the group’s mode of operations and activities as they now consist of people from different religions and countries.
“Boko Haram has metamorphosed from a group of religious zealots into an industry. It is an industry because what they do is not religious. They have people from different faiths and countries who are part of Boko Haram, he said


  1. That means we do not have capable hands in our military personnels, you people should better look inward and take bold steps.

  2. Not only an industry but a leahway to be recruited to the Nigeria army. Just join the Boko Haram and after committing atrocities here and there, surrender to the Nigeria forces and be rehabilitated. Before u say Jack, u are recruited into the army. Simple

  3. Crying over spilled milk.
    These sect was introduced to frustrate GEJ now you can’t handle them
    Abegi, look at lives they are wasting in daily basis

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