This is not the Democracy we fought for – Gani Adams

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Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams says Nigeria is not evolving as this is not the democracy they fought for during the June 12 struggle.
In a statement by his Special Assistant on Media, Kehinde Aderemi, Adams lamented that democracy was yet to take its roots in Nigeria despite the sacrifices of the activists as struggles to free Nigerians from bondage will continue until the country is restructured.

The statement reads;

“When the federating units are allowed to develop at their own pace, there will be mutual benefits and progress in Nigeria.

“The federating states will be geared towards achieving the best for the people at the grassroots. This will be possible when there is healthy competitions among the federating units.”

“It is good that our democracy is evolving, but sadly it is not yet Uhuru because this is not the kind of democracy we fought for during the June 12 struggle.
“The journey for Nigeria’s democracy has been a tortuous one but today, our democracy is, at best, one step forward and five steps backward. But in all, we thank God that we are still alive to tell the story,” the statement added.


  1. The honesty and simplicity of your comment is second ti none
    We as a nation are not evolving as claimed and thus every assertions made today was false

  2. Change begins with you and I, if everyone of us can change our mentality (think positive), Nigeria will be greater.

  3. Tell it to the birds. Yorubas are the architects of oir problem. Wole Soyinka protested against Jonathan administration with a mock coffin, today he is an armchair critic. Go to Tinubu and tell him that

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