Benue State politician, Daniel Ukpera, donates ropes to his community to tie their goats 

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Benue State Politician, Daniel Ukpera has donated bundles of ropes to the people of Makurdi LGA in Benue State so that they can tie their goats.

After making the donation, he assisted the goat owners to tie their goats then posed for photos with the grateful recipients.

This is reportedly his contribution to the implementation of the Benue State Anti Open Grazing Law.


  1. What a country called Nigeria! What can we call these? Modern slavery yet people are happy with it, he will now said he bought rope with millions of naira or dollars. Who do we offended? May Almighty God deliver us from the wicked leaders.

  2. Though the gesture may seem so negligible for one will think its would better if he give them goats than rope. But inwardly looking into the significance of the donation one will see its really a kind and worthy donation. Reason being that he donated the rope to support the anti-open grazing law which the state recently enacted. By so doing, the rope will make the goat breeders to tie and tether their stock at a spot instead of allow them to roam about

  3. Of all things…Nawa o..We dey eat shit for these people hand… tomorrow they will say theyvedine something good in their states😣😣

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