FAAN shares Covid-19 flight resumption protocol

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Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has shared some Covid-19 flight resumption protocol following preparedness to lift ban on domestic flights.

In a tweet the authority shared via its twitter handle, passengers are advised to be at the airport 3 hours before their flight time.

The tweet:
#COVID__19 Flight Resumption Protocol for Passengers: You are advised to arrive at the Airport 3 hours before your flight due to the new COVID-19 safety checks.”

The Presidential Task Force on COVID19 has clarified that the date for resumption of flights is not June 21 as has been speculated. The PTF said they only gave airport authorities till June 21 to come up with new sets of guidelines for flight operation. No date has been announced yet for the full resumption of flights in the country


  1. I will just implore PTF on the issue of COVID-19 to put all necessary things/equipment in place in order to avoid further disaster.

  2. Why is it that FG are so much concerned about flight resumption, while interstate transportation is still banned. Between the two transports which is more important to the masses. While anyone can access road transport, can everyone afford air transport. If flight travel resumes, interstate transport should resume as well, because the number of coronavirus cases being dished out everyday by NcDc is no longer news

  3. This is not sufficient news as no plans is made for the poor masses who can’t afford flight tickets but will need to move from state to state…more plans should be made on allowing interstate travels so as to facilitate the way if life of the masses and not just the elites who can afford a ticket
    If flight resumes, Bus should also resume

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