Lagos Senator, Osinowo is dead

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Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District, Bayo Osinowo is dead.

Reports have it that he died on Monday morning.

A close family source who shared the sad news said
“The Senator has been suffering high blood pressure for years. It’s really not a secret those close to him know this”.
Commenting on speculations that Osinowo died of coronavirus complications, the source said it might not be true.
“I don’t think so because Senator Osinowo has been very careful since the COVID-19 outbreak. He avoided meeting people”, he said.


  1. Oh my God! It’s a clear message to everyone of us especially politicians, leaders, followers, wealthy and poor that one day is one day we must return to where we came from. therefore, it’s good to be good. RIP

  2. Before the advent of coronavirus, i told a friend that from my observation, that Leap year has always been prone from strange death occurances. I noticed that in every leap year strange sudden deaths occur which leaves my families bereave. Its not because of coronavirus alone that all these sudden deaths occur but its a natural phenomenon which i started noticing since new millenium 2020

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