Clash in Aso Villa: Presidency defends Buhari’s aide

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The Presidency has defended President Muhammadu Buhari’s Private Secretary and nephew, Yusuf Sabiu (aka Tunde), against Nigeria’s First Lady Aisha Buhari in the recent clash that occurred at the Presidential Villa.

Speaking on channels Television on Monday, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu said Tunde had to leave Abuja for Lagos to see his wife who was delivered of a baby.

This was what led to the clash at the villa involving Aisha Buhari, members of her immediate family, her Aide-de-camp, Usman Shugaba and Sabiu Yusuf after he refused to adhere to the 14 day quarantine order.
In an attempt to force him into self-isolation, Aisha’s Aide-de-camp, Usman Shugaba, allegedly fired some gunshots, an incident that led to his arrests and other security aides at the scene.
Garba Shehu further explained that people are allowed to travel interstate if they present a compelling reason before security agents.

“The Presidency has not failed. Don’t forget there is a caveat in that protocol. When travels are necessitated, they are permitted and even in the Villa, hardly do you have a day without somebody coming from their state whether they are governors and they come to do official business.

“Therefore, what is not permitted is frivolous and unwarranted travel. When it is warranted, the people can offer themselves at the checkpoints and once the explanations they give are convincing, they are allowed to proceed. I think this happens all over the country.

“We follow what the NCDC and Ministry of Health prescribe. The difference the Villa makes is that there is an eye on everyone,” he said.


  1. We have clowns at the top…So this is now a thing of relationship….why won’t there be clashes when it is a my brother and my sisterghing…there’s no transparency in the Nigerian Government 😕

  2. Second one is one the issue if interstate travel
    We know that Government officials are allowed to travel whether with reason or not
    I suspect something else is involved and they want to cover it with a lie

  3. In order to curb the spread of the COVI-19, NCDC rules should be followed without descriminate (wealth, poor, influencial, etc).

  4. Who is this presidency that fights Buharis war against his own wife. Am yet to come to term where a sitting president sit like Humpty Dumpty and allow presidency do everything for him, even to a point of defending his nephew against his wife.does it mean the president is incapacitated and cannot take care of his home front that the presidency come to his rescue every now and then

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