Rape: If you did it in the past it will hunt your future – Lagbaja

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Nigerian Music legend, Lagbaja has reacted to the high increase in rape cases in the country.

Speaking via his Instagram handle, the 60-year-old condemned rape and also noted that there are consequences for those who have committed the act in the past.

He shared a photo which reads; ‘MY SILENCE IS NO, MY NO IS NO, MY BODY IS MINE, MY LIFE IS MINE’ with the caption; ‘Hmmmm, I can’t believe in this 2020 people still do evil things like this. It is wrong, it is WRONG. If you did it in the past it would hunt your future, smh!.’


  1. I know that those who rapes another person’s daughters, sisters, younger one won’t go unpunished.

  2. In this era where women outnumber men to at least one to ratio four, any man that rapes has mental disorder. How can any normal being enjoy the act of sex with a struggling and writhing victim. Its absurd and only abnormal men indulge in it

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