Woman gifts Husband coffin for Father’s day

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A woman in Anambra state has been seen gifting her husband a coffin as gift for father’s day.
According to reports, the woman had bought the casket four days earlier and kept it with the seller, waiting for Fathers’ Day. After church service on Sunday, she went to the coffin seller to get her purchase and she transported it home in a shuttle bus and presented it to her husband.

According to a family source they were all surprised when they saw her coming with the coffin.
Another source who begged not to be named said the woman had been showing “abnormal behaviour.” “Nobody paid attention to her problem. She is not normal. “She has been crying for help, but unfortunately Nigeria and its leaders have not built mental health centres in our hospitals to address these issues.


  1. Of course she is not normal because no matter how sin her husband’s committed, he didn’t deserve that. Nigerian leaders have failed her citizens because as a nation, we don’t have a mental health centres in each states it ridiculous. They should find solutions to it in order to avoid something that worse than this.

  2. It was the same Anambra state a man killed his two children with pistel and wounded his aging father. This incident happened three days ago. Seriously speaking Anambra state should start building Mental Health centers for their mentally challenged people. Even in the streets of Anambra state, you hardly move few meters without encountering mental challenged people. Its getting out of hand

  3. Wow I saw it as funny but when I discovered she was not in her right sense I felt pity because no reasonable wife will wish her husband dead irrespective of what happened
    As forghe fact of mental hospitals, Nigeria is backward in issues relating to health and thus we keep losing bright minds that can be saved by the intervention of these hospitals

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