Trump authorizes 10-year imprisonment for vandalizers of properties during protest

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President of the united States of America, Donald Trump has authorized the arrest of any one who vandalizes or destroys statues or other properties during any ‘black lives matter’ protests.

This was according to a tweet he shared via his twitter handle as he added that such person would get a penalty of 10 years in prison. The authorization is to take effect immediately and without exceptions

His tweet:

‘I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent.

‘This action is taken effective immediately, but may also be used retroactively for destruction or vandalism already caused. There will be no exceptions!’


  1. This is among the reasons I like USA
    They come up with laws and immediately set up structures to ensure its enforcement
    A protest should not be a legal ground to destroy government properties. The properties caused money to erect and are helpful to you, why add more buderns on the govt
    Thank you Trump

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