APC crisis: I don’t want to get involved in politics – Rotimi Amaechi

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Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has decided to keep out of the crisis rocking the ruling all progressives congress (APC) as he doesn’t want to get involved in politics stating that he is not sure what the cause of the crisis is.

In a statement he made, he said the members of the party are adults and can sort out their differences.

“What is happening in APC, I don’t know; what is happening in Rivers State, I don’t know. What I’ve done is to keep away from politics. Even if I’m bothered, it’ll be internally, he said

“There’s nobody there (in the party) who is a child; we’re all adults. I don’t want to get involved in politics.

“Nigerians know me for being blunt and honest. Some see it as arrogance, some see it as being brash, whatever it is. What do I need to say that I have not said before? It’s internal dynamics of politics, it’s internal struggle.

“So, I have said it several times. When we fought in 2015, I said this country cannot continue the way it is going. I’m not helpless, but I’m doing what they call ‘siddon look(sit down and look),” Amaechi said.


  1. U are neck deep into it because u are nursing the ambition to be the next president after Buhari. This is the reason u dont want Oshiomole to be the chairman of Apc becase he supports Tinubu to that post. But let it be known to u that no Igboman will vote for u because we know u want use ur name Amechi to deceive ur guillibles that u are Igbo and Igbos deserve a shot to be president. No way man, but u are doing a yeomans job in distablising Apc and we love that.

  2. Openly you’ll say you don’t want to get involved but secretly you’ll imdulge in it
    This your assertions are baseless because if proper investigations are made to the crisis your hands are there

  3. You need to play your part, your house is on fire and don’t want to quench it, don’t you know that that fire would consume all your properties. Call the two factions and settle the issues. You are under the umbrella of APC where you are part and let of them. Think twice.

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