‘I will block you if you call me a Ritualist’ – Kanayo O. Kanayo warns Trolls

Veteran actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has slammed trolls who keep referring to him as a ritualist.

The actor who is known for taking up money ritual roles took part in the trending #dontleavemechallenge.

However, it wasn’t well received as some mischievous web users taunted him in his comment section and labelled him as a ritualist.

Reacting to this in a video he shared on Instagram blasted the trolls and described them as unfocused people.

The actor said they do not contribute to his followers and they only come to his page to distract his real fans from enjoying his contents. The movie star also said he will continue blocking them if they do not desist from the act.


  1. Exactly
    Nigerians are experts in trolling people of influence
    They’ve forgotten the fact that all those were movies
    Please keep blocking them before your image is tainted

  2. Why people’s thinking are very low, how does that one translate to reality, may be that is what he’s good at, you don’t have to tag him as ritualist, that’s what we call professionalism. Leave them and continue with your work.

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