If you don’t do giveaways nobody likes your Pictures – actress, Uche Ogbodo cries out

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Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo says she wishes she is a star in America and not Nigeria.

According to a post she shared on her insta-story, Nigerian Fans are only loyal to their favourites who lavish them with giveaways.
“In fact I wish I’m a star in America and not Nigeria. If you don’t do giveaways nobody likes your pictures. You are posting for yourself. I just hate it ” she wrote


  1. Nobody hates the stars, not all the Stars we have in Nigeria or Nigeria America base that use to do the giveaways, but if you have the ability to do the giveaways do it, “givers never lack”. If you do give out Almighty God will surely replenish your pocket. So, don’t think otherwise.

  2. My dear,it’s no entirely true moreover you should do giveaway because those fans of yours watch your movies hence giving you money
    So is a 2 way benefits and stop crying here for us

  3. U cant force one to like ur pictures. People will like ur pictures when u spice it up with ur own style Look the real u and dress decently. People will not only like ur pictures but the u in the pictures

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