Oyo State spent N2.7B in the fight against Coronavirus – Oyo Govt

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The Oyo State Government has said it has spent over N2.7B in their fight against coronavirus.
The state’s COVID-19 Task Force, which gave the account through the Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Akinola Ojo, said that the amount was spent on setting up of treatment and isolation centres, procurement of palliatives and seedlings for a section of the residents and farmers as well as on procurement of ambulances and the security of the state’s borders, among others.

According to him, the breakdown of the expenses include: N370 million for the setting up of the Infectious Disease Centre, Ibadan; N453 million on security of the state borders; N118 million to provide support for the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan for partnership on testing; N900 million on provision of palliatives and seedling to residents and farmers.

He added that N321 million was expended on procurement of ambulances for the Ministry of Health, while the state has also expended N614 million so far on the procurement of reagents, body kits, drugs and other items for testing and treatment of patients.

Akinola also stated that the state has approved a total of N15,000 per health worker as hazard allowance added that the allowance would be paid from March 2020.


  1. Nawa ooo
    This is expensive and I feel it’s also dubious
    How will you spend 443million on security of borders
    Did you buy armored tanks and helicopter
    Nigeria and lies

  2. Whatever you do just remember that one you will surely account for it in the front of Almighty God.

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