I am happy to have made godfatherism history in Edo State – Edo Deputy Governor

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Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shuaibu says he is happy to have made history in the issue of godfatherism in Edo State. Speaking during an interview on a Channels Television programme “Politics Today”, he revealed that he doesn’t have a problem with the ruling all progressives congress (APC) but rather with the suspended Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole.

He further added that one thing he has discovered with the People’s democratic party (PDP) is that they have a way of quickly resolving their issues unlike the APC.

“I suffered to build APC if I look back and see what I have laboured for. But what I am happy about is that I am happy to consolidate and make history on the issue of godfatherism in Edo State, he said.

“One thing I found in PDP is that they have a way of quickly resolving issues, what I have seen with them is completely different from where I am coming from (APC).”


  1. Continue deceiving yourself, why did APC defeat PDP in 2015? Is it not because of this type of issues, wait till you get to the grab the power, you will know that to manage power it’s not easy as you think. Therefore APC too should look for a way of resolving the issues.

  2. its not over until its over. Politics is push me i push u, las las, the person that have the last push wins. Pray that u dont become like Oshiomole or worst than him. For i see this as ur leah way to endear urself to the minds of Edo people the exploit them. That is exactly what Oshiomole

  3. Both parties have issues of Godfatherism because Adams Oshiomole was in both parties
    Don’t come and tell us fears that haven’t be achieved when we all know that this issue if Godfatherism is history when it still runs in your veins
    Politics should be a free and fair ground and not a warzone.

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