Hushpuppi: you drag Pastors for collecting offerings but dine with Fraudsters, Nigerians attack Daddy Freeze

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Nigerians on twitter have taken out time to drag controversial on-air- personality, Daddy Freeze after a video of him dining with Hushpuppi emerged online.

In the video, Daddy Freeze could be heard laughing and mocking legit income earners after Hushpuppi said his driver collects N700,000 monthly salary.

“Hushpuppi’s driver collects 700,000 in a month, yet people abusing him on social media are working as houseboys with a pay of N35,000,” Freeze said.

His comment has attracted a lot of attacks as the OAP is known for dragging pastors who collect tithe and offerings from its members.

See some of the reactions below:

@OgbeniDipo “If it is to abuse RCCG and Winners Chapel, Daddy Freeze would have been everywhere today dancing and singing like Dino Melaye. Today, he is silent. Not even a simple condemnation of fraud.”

@Olufemiolubodun “I do not know what is more hypocritical than drag pastors for collecting offerings and then dine with internet fraudster.”

@TheIfedolapo “Daddy Freeze who is a lion when it comes to attacking pastors became camera-hypeman for Hushpuppi. Two type of frauds; different loyalties.”

@IamRouvafe “Let it be on record that Daddy Freeze who goes about criticizing everyone gave Hushpuppi a platform to showcase his ill-gotten wealth and even talked down on hardworking men & women. It is also on record that Daddy Freeze ate from the proceeds of Hushpuppi’s crime; literally.”

@DrOlufunmilayo “Daddy Freeze will drag pastors for fraud. Same person is in this video laughing with Hushpuppi. We must drag fraudsters, whether pastors, politicians or yahoo boys.”

“Since all of you are scared, I will help you say it.

”Daddy Freeze is a complete disgrace.”

@Waffiran “Daddy Freeze was eating and drinking with Hushpuppi, he would still use that same mouth to drag some pastors. Blood Hypocrite.”

@NeduNaija “Daddy Freeze calls himself “Founder of the Free Nation in Christ. He’s far worse than the pastors he tears into pieces everyday.”

@OwuhKingsley “Where are you now Daddy Freeze? Laughing and insulting hard-working people not begging HUSHPUPPI for job. Where is the driver and cleaner now?

“This is how cheap and low you have become because of worldly wealth. FBI will soon come for you, because you ate from 1.9 victims sweat.”


  1. Most of the people called themselves man of God are dinning and winning with evil but they won’t come out and say it until their secret is exposed. We are the one to know what we are doing without imitate anybody.

  2. In as much as some people uses the gospel to exploit doesn’t mean all do so
    Secondly, Daddy Freeze hs no legal standing to drag pastors, it’s not his job, he has other things he was made for and not to drag pastor
    His deeds have caught up with him
    Let God have the final say

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