The Fulanis lack the capacity to rule Nigeria – Igbo youths

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The Ohanaeze youth council says the Fulani lack the capacity to rule Nigeria adding that the backwardness of Nigeria has to be blamed on them as they have ruled the country for several years without anything to show for it.

This was according to a statement by the the National President of Ohaneze Youth Council, Igboayaka O. Igboayaka reacting to a remark by the President of Arewa Youths Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima that no Igbo man will rule the country.

“Fulanis have ruled Nigeria with five military heads of state and three civilian Presidents since 50 years, yet the country is the worst underdeveloped in Africa. This simply shows that they lack the capacity to govern the country”, Igboayaka said

He called on the youths of the North and South West to campaign vigorously for an Igbo man to become the next President because, according to him, the Igbo holds the key to the rapid development of the country.


  1. Hmmm! What is hinder the development of Nigeria is not about wether Fulani, hausa, ibo or Yoruba but it’s about corruption because it’s one of the elements that hinder the progress of our nation. Money meant for the development of a certain region few people will siphon the money and nobody will challenge them. We should stand up to our responsibilities and put our nation first.

  2. Igbo youths have said the truth Sha but this truth is a controversial one and can sour up hate speeches and attacks
    If there can be a consensus whereby Igbo rules, then hausa,then youruba
    What I mean is the presidential office is rotated
    Nigeria would progress

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