Nigeria is characterized by poor People – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria’s population is largely characterized by poor people who lack the basic amenities of life.
Speaking on Tuesday at a virtual meeting with members of the presidential economic advisory council (PEAC), he added that more is needed from all sectors to revamp the economy from the current tide.
“We are a country characterised by a large population of poor people, serious infrastructure deficit, lack of housing and a vulnerable economy now haunted by the COVID-19 pandemic and collapse of the oil sector and its effect on the gross domestic product (GDP).” he said


  1. In as much as i didnt see any resemblance between the youngman in this picture and old Buhari i would like to say here that truth be told, the country is characterised by poor people. Take for instance the naira exchange to dollar., whereby $1 is exchanged for 400naira. I know of a company that pay his staff 10,000.00naira per moth. That is less than $25 per month which translate to less than $1 a day. Is this not slavery

  2. You (president buhari) confirmed it that more than average Nigerians are wallowing in the poverty and lack social amenities but few of you are enjoying what belong to us. Those political office holders should cut their earning with 50% so that every Nigerians will be benefited from the dividend of democracy that we are practicing.

  3. We are poor because our government has a poor mentality and can’t set structures that can help boost the economy
    What a shame

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