Shoe dealer who kills and dumps his Victims in a Septic Tank arrested in Rivers.

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A shoe dealer identified as Ukachukwu Anthony has been arrested by the Rivers State Police for luring and killing his victims.

According to the commissioner of Police in the state, Joseph Mukan the suspect confessed to killing his victims and dumping their bodies in a septic tank as he was arrested through intelligence gathering.
Speaking to newsmen, Anthony who is married with children, said he has so far lured three Togolese and one Nigerian to his compound under the pretext of buying shoes from them. He said once they come into his compound, he kills them, dumps their body in the septic tank, and then takes possession of their goods.

”I will tell them to bring shoes. When they come, I will walk to their back and then strangle them until I confirm they are dead. I will then dump their body inside the septic tank”, He said

Ukachukwu lives in the compound alone while his wife and children reside in another area. The police exhumed the bodies of the victims he has killed and deposited in the septic tank


  1. Human being is wicked how on Earth would human being will killed human fellow, this is act of wickedness. I will implore our government to make use of laws in Quran/Bible may be their will be changes i.e if you found guilty of killing someone you should be killed immediately and some other laws like that hope it will reduce the rate of crime in our nation.

  2. This a serial killer whose mental state need to be examined. How much will he get from a victim that came with his wares on foot. Maybe there are some human parts he dismember to do what he wills, others i cant see how collecting or stealing ones wares will warrant him killing his victims

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