Fraud: Hushpuppi, Mr Woodberry extradited to US

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Alleged internet fraudsters, Hushpuppi and Mr Woodberry have both been extradited to the united states.

According to a post shared on the official page of the Dubai Police, FBI’s Director, Christopher Wray thanked the Dubai Police for their cooperation in extraditing the suspected Nigerian internet Fraudsters.

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Christopher Wray has praised the exceptional efforts exerted by the United Arab Emirate, represented bu the Dubai Police General HQ, in combating transnational organised cybercrime including the recent arrest of Raymod Igbalode Abbas, known as “Hushpuppi” and Olalekan Jacon Ponle aka “Woodberry” who were taken down in operation “Fox Hunt 2”.

Mr Wray also extended his appreciations to Dubai Police for their cooperation in extraditing the wanted criminals, who committed money-laundering and multiple-cybercrimes, to the United States, the tweet reads


  1. Good for them, may be they think everywhere will be like Nigeria that they can get away with any atrocities they might be committed. They should face the full wrath of law.

  2. Lucky Dube in one of his songs said Crime Does Not Pay. U steal peoples money and live flamboyant life, are u not stupid. By the time the duo will come out of jail, if ever they will, those their girlfriends wont recognise them again. They wont even recognise themselves too.

  3. Huspuppi case just jumped from pan to fire. Now he’s paying the punishment for his crimes. Let this serve as a warning. He who hath I are let him hear o

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