School Reopening: Some Pupils already engage in Street trading – Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba

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Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba has spoken ahead of the planned reopening of schools, disclosing that some parents are already engaging their children in street trading following the closure of schools over the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on a Channels Television programme on Wednesday evening, the Minister assured parents and teachers that the Federal Government is carrying out adequate measures to ensure the safe resumption of schools for graduating pupils which according to him is not a matter of compulsion.

He said the decision was taken so these pupils can have a brief revision before their promotion examinations as not all of them had access to technology or devices for online learning.

“We understand the limitations of Nigerians. Most people cannot afford laptops and devices and we know that not all our children have the same access. And if there are people who do have this access and who feel confident that their children are ready for these exams, nobody is compelling anybody to go to any school.

“What we have done is to make the facilities of our schools available. Each school should have places to wash hands, check the temperature of the children constantly, have sanitisers. Private schools should be able to provide these and state governments too. The Federal Government owns just about 104 unity colleges.

“So, it’s really not a compulsion; we are just making the facilities available for the purpose of taking the exams for those who want to take the exams. But it will not be a responsible act by the government to then say because there are some people who may not want to take the exams, that we should not make the facilities available for those who may want because life is a continuous journey of choices and our children have been at home.

“We have 1.5 million children registered for WAEC this year and we know that internet penetration for this group is less than 300,000. So, it will be the height of injustice not to make these facilities available for others to learn.

“We know that children at the moment are at home; they mingle with their parents, with friends or with those who go to the market and come back or those who go to the mosques or churches. They do all kinds of activities. Those that are well off could afford to keep their children watching TV but some are using their children as hawkers – we are losing people we are trying to bring back to school and if we do not do anything about this, we will just lose all the children altogether and you will not be able to return them back to school eventually.”


  1. There is no middle class citizens in Nigeria anymore. Its either u are rich or poor. And the greater percentage are poor. So parents engaging their children in street trading is obvious. But what is the meaning of those students that will gain promotion to resume. All students are supposed to gain promotion to the next class because if it hadnt been this pandermic all would have taken their promotional exam to be admitted to their next class. So all students and pupils are affected and ought to resume at once

  2. Why won’t they engage in street trading when their is nothing left for the parents to feed their children, your government should make things easier for Nigerians in order to meet up with their daily needs.

    1. Exactly and straight to the point Nasiru
      The thing is everyone should be carried along irrespective of class or status
      Education is for all

  3. Thank you for considering the large scale of the Nigerian people and taking note of the classes thatexkst in Nigeria. However this should serve as a means to bridge up the IT gao Nigerian students is lacking

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