If I fall in love with someone, their past does not matter – Tonto Dike

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Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike has expressed that a man’s past does not determine whether or not she falls in love with him.

This was contained in a photo text she shared via her Instagram handle which reads;
“If I fall in love with someone, don’t tell me about their past. I wasn’t there. I love what I see now. So mind your business.”


  1. There’s an atom of truth in your claims Tonto
    To make progress in the future love present, we won’t allow the past come crushing

  2. Everyone had his/her own past, once you have love with someone, you should forget the past and move forward.

  3. At ur age, U should be talking about raising family not about falling in love. How many times will u fall in love

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