Most successful, famous celebs in Africa are dark skinned – Dencia

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Nigerian Singer, Dencia has expressed her opinion on skin colour preferences in Africa.

Her post is coming in reply to a Twitter user who shared that skin colour doesn’t define a person.

In a tweet Dencia shared via her twitter handle, she said the most successful and famous celebrities in Africa are dark skinned adding that there are certain professions where the light skin is more preferred.

See her post below:

Most successful, famous celebs in Africa are dark skinned - Dencia 4


  1. Skins doesn’t matter, what matter most is that you should live a worthy and generosity live without that whatever wealth you acquired is vanity upon vanity. Black lives matter most.

  2. When u talk about Africa, u talk about Blacks. Black skin carry with them a strong gene occassion by the sun ray which is more intense in Africa. White skin are prefered in events organised and showcasedby white people, but inwardly they admire the black advatage black skin has over white is that black skin can be successfully be transformed to white skin but white can be said to do such

  3. We know that skin color is not the basis to deternin efficiency in a profession. Let each and every on of us be proud of whatsoever skin color we find ourselves wearing

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