COVID-19: There is an increase in Oxygen demand – Lagos Govt

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The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi has made it known that there is a slight increase in oxygen demand by Covid-19 patients.

Abayomi stated this during a Zoom webinar by the Lagos Civil Society against COVID-19 on Friday.

“We noticed that there is a slight increase in the demand for oxygen.

“So, we are trying to make oxygen available across the local government areas so patients can get oxygen treatment to be stabilised.

“Once they are stable, they can now be moved into isolation centres and get more medical treatment and hopefully, we can rescue them from getting into a more critical stage where we may now need to consider ventilating,” Abayomi said.

He further explained there are “about five levels of oxygen therapy before we get to the ventilation stage”.


  1. You need to provide oxygen for the COVID-19 patience because you will still get the money for it.

  2. You will continue to have increase of coronavirus until you call a spade, a spade. Since the coming of this pandemic, every systom of malaria illness is treated and regarded as coronavirus. When a patientt is having or showing systom of malaria and u conclude its coronavirus, the persons emotion and feeling will sucumb to the virus and ultimately test positive. When one is intense with his/her condition, the body temperature rises. This accounts to high rising cases of corona virus. In the same way, when the person is isolated or admitted for treatment, the tenseness subsides and the body temperature retures turns to normal to respond the treatment being given. This also account for recovery of patients and low mortality

  3. We know that corona virus causes demand son oxygen but how many critical case do we have and moreover most cases not related to the Corona virus is attributed to it hence taking bed space

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