Woman drills Nail into head of her Teenage Housemaid

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Ifeoma Ozougwu, has been taken into police custody for allegedly driving nails into the head of her 10-year-old housemaid, Miss Chinonye Nnadi.

Prof. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, the Chairperson of the Women Aids Collective (WACOL), who brought the incident to public knowledge, disclosed that her office was alerted on Friday about the case of the little girl.

The spokesperson of Enugu state police command, Daniel Ndukwe Ikea, has since issued a statement on the case.

According to Ikea, the 24-year-old woman and her 40-year-old husband, Jude Ozougwu were apprehended following a tip-off received on Tuesday alleging that a woman in Akonameze Street, Thinker’s Corner, Enugu, had inflicted degrees of injuries on her minor female ward.

”Preliminary investigation showed that the suspect, who the victim’s relative and a mother of three (3), maltreats her to the extent of using different objects, including hot pressing iron, iron rod, and nails to inflict several grievous bodily harm as well as inserting pepper into her private part.” the statement read.

Ikea also said the state Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmad Abdur-Rahman directed the Area Commander to take the little girl to the hospital for proper treatment after seeing the grievous harms done to her body.

Abdur-Rahman also instructed that the case should be investigated adding that the suspect, her husband, and any other culpable accomplices to the crime should be made to face the law.

The Commissioner has also warned all those who may have been in the habit or are intending to maltreat and/or inflict grievous harm on susceptible children to desist forthwith, as the Command will not spare anyone found culpable in such inhuman acts that infringe on the dignity and fundamental human rights of children.


  1. Why all those masters inflicted pains on their maid which is uncalled for. If not poverty how on Earth would someone lend out there children in exchange for money? She should be charged to court and face the full wrath of law with compensation.

  2. What kind of world are we in
    What did she possible do to warrant such a treatment
    This is inhuman

  3. This is wicked, inhuman, an act of wickedness, the height of all demonic influences and lastly unjust treatment of q girl child by a fellow woman

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