Hushpuppi makes first appearance in court

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Alleged internet Fraudster, Hushpuppi made his first appearance in court in Chicago on Friday.
The United State Department of Justice says the 37-year-old is expected to be transferred to Los Angeles in the coming weeks to face criminal charges.
If convicted of conspiracy to engage in money laundering, he will face a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.

Though his arrest will help the Dubai police solve some cases of cyber crimes it will also put Nigerian youths and business owners in the UAE at risk of been financially blacklisted which could make their legitimate transactions in the country problematic.


  1. Those who acquired properties in Dubai with fraudulent money should forfeit their wealth nothing bad in it. Hushpussi should face the full wrath of law.

  2. Good for him. He should thank his star that he will be jailed abroad, otherwise, if it were to be in Nigeria, i doubt if he will make alive

  3. This will serve as a very great lesson to all those engage in fraudulent activities that there’s a justice system for them all

  4. If found guilty for fraud na 20 years en dey enter o
    Nawa o
    Thus is a message to all scammers and Yahoo boys
    You’ll not enjoy stolen wealth

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