70-year-old man rapes 8-year-old girl, gives her N80.

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A 70-year-old Mohammed Sani Umar (Tela) has been arrested for allegedly raping an eight-year-old girl in the Chanchaga area of Minna, Niger State.

He allegedly raped her twice before giving her N80 to keep quiet about the incident but later told her mother after examining her daughter when she noticed some strange behaviours.

The girls uncle, Abubakar who narrated the ordeal said;

She was sick for some weeks and after every treatment, she was still not very well. Then, a neighbor advised her mother to keep a close watch on the girl, which the mother started doing. After some days, she saw some stains in her underwear and asked her what happened to her. The little girl took the mother to his place and on reaching there, she just pointed at him. On sighting the woman and the girl, he started begging them to cover it up so he will take responsibility,
He also said Umar confessed to the crime after he was beaten by angry members in the community before they handed him over to the police for further investigation and prosecution.


  1. Why all these atrocities with old and young ones? Why don’t they have fear of God? I don’t think it’s a matter of ordinary rape but using it for something else. My own view is that if the alledge person’s confessed that it’s true, the person should be castrated without delay.

  2. Coronavirus pandemic has brought to the fore the evil men do to women folk. This shows that a lot of rape and sexual harrassment and defilement has been going on far too long and it take the rise of coronavirus which kept people indoors to bring to limelight the activities of these evil men

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