I will help real rape victims from the proceedings of my rape case – D’banj

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Nigerian Singer, D’banj has shared that he will be using the proceedings from his rape lawsuit to help real rape victims.

This comes after he sued his rape accuser, Miss Seyitan for a whooping sum of N1.5B.

The singer stated that he has always respected women and spoken against rape and their harassment after a video of him from 2017 showed the moment he halted his performance to rescue a lady in distress.

He further added that from the proceedings he will be doing a massive giveaway.


  1. If the rape allegation is being cooked by the said lady, it’s an act of wickedness but notwithstanding you still need to tamper justice with mercy. At the end of the day the said will end up in jail because she could not afford that huge amount of money, you just need to tamper justice with mercy.

    1. Yes…in that way lessons will be passed to those who try to defame people’s image…chase the case sir

  2. You have to win ur case before u talk of reward and what to do with the proceeds. But beware of sucker punch. When you think u are too sure of urself, u lose guide and Wham! The sucker punch which u never expected

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