Covid-19: FG considers fresh lockdown

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The Nigerian Government has shared hint on imposing a fresh lockdown considering the increase in number of Coronavirus cases in the country.
Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, on Monday lamented that it was directly affecting governance and security in the country.

This comes after some Governors and their families during the week had contracted the virus.

Mustapha in his speech admitted the possibility of ordering a fresh total lockdown to curtail further spread of the virus. He, however, said events of coming weeks would determine the next line of action.
“We will not speculate on what will happen in future, but we will protect the lives of Nigerians.

“To achieve that, if it means to lock down again, we will not shy away from that responsibility.

“We will recommend to the President who will look at the report and take a decision on our recommendation. What happens in the next two three weeks will determine what we will do,” Mustapha said.


  1. First and foremost you should make transfer of #50,000 to each Nigerian citizens before propose any lockdown. Once you do that you can go ahead and do whatever you want to do. Without that don’t try it.

  2. They should be considering locking themselves down and not the masses. How many governors have contact the disease and quarantined. They should leave the masses to go about their businesses because they and the one that brought the disease to the country. If they had closed the border when it was obvious the disease is pandemic, we wont have all these cases. Besides over 80% acclaimed cases are just malaria fever and typhoid its brother. So we dont need to suffer for their negligence

  3. They Should Be Considering Locking Themselves Down And Not The Masses. How Many Governors Have Contact The Disease And Quarantined. They Should Leave The Masses To Go About Their Businesses

    This comment ^^ said my mind

  4. Nigeria government has perfected running in circles and ignoring the Barriers
    What did you guys achieve from last lockdown?
    Not reviews and you want to impose again

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