Covid-19 has shown us those who saved for the rainy day – Illbliss

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Popular Nigerian Rapper, Illbliss says celebrities are broke as they have spent their money on jeweleries, houses, sneakers and the likes.

In a tweet he shared via his Twitter handle he further shared that Covid-19 has revealed those who saved for moments like this.

Don’t be fooled kid. Most of these cats are dead broke. They blew their lean change on jewellery, rented terrace houses, sneakers and drugs. Covid is a bastard. Now we know who saved for the rainy day, he tweeted.


  1. No matter what u saved, if nothing comes in and u are spending ur save, at a time it will run out.celebrities live flambount life with hope that once they step on stage money will drop. But unfortunately coronavirus has another thing in stock for them. Saving for the rainy days is not the ideal thing, but diversifying ur source of income. One dont have to carry all his eggs in one basket

  2. Of course not only celebrities but Nigerians should be saving for the dry season during raining. it’s not easy but we need to do that.

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